That's Iddin, my super hero `king' grand nephew in my last posting. Video taken by Tok Lang using his hp cam. Iddin, 5 yrs `young' ('I'm not old') was in one of his moods, ignoring his Tok Lang, while concentrating washing his bicycle.
Iddin has this habit of 'garu'( 'garuk'to him) or scratch. If I'm back home in Melaka, Iddin will always come to me for this 'garuk' session. When? Well, if he's just idling around while watching his favourite cartoon Ch 63 (now 613), or waiting for daddy to send him to school. There were nights when he would come to my room and requested me to 'garuk' him. "Here, there, up, down. Side. No lah, I say here." were his orders (king, what!). Lovingly I would 'garuk' him to slumberland. Sigh! In short, when he feels like it. How? He'll sit on my lap and 'order' me (yes, order) and show the way how he likes it to be done, either using the fingers (five, two) or comb. "Nek Lang 'garuk' please". So this Nek Lang will obediently follow the king's order, scratching his back up and down, up and down. Iddin feels very nice, I think. Or he will also lie sideways (eyes on TV), and tell me to 'garuk' either his arm, leg, knee, toes , chin, neck, head and pin point to me the exact place to scratch. To tease him, I just change to rubbing. "I say garuk not rub," Iddin will retaliate. Iddin will boast to his mummy "Nek Lang garuk sedap" and show her the garuk ala Nek Lang.
Maybe Iddin's skin is dry but he just hate the body lotion. The 'garuk' session was also a favourite past time to Iddin's two older siblings. When Missy C, the eldest, was little she would go to her nenek for 'garuk', and so would princess Amal (sometimes Tok Lang/Nek Lang would 'garuk' her too). Now it's Iddin's turn. Mind you, it's not bullying, but asking comfort from someone who has the ' touch'!
Well, they say that scratching , the soft and gentle one lah , will create a strong bond between two people. But please do it with love, sincerely from the heart. Heard of 'cakar harimau'?

During one 'garuk' session,

Nek Lang : First, tell me me you love me or not?
Iddin : Love
Nek Lang: How much?
Iddin: THAT,,,,,,,,,,,,, much. (raising his hands and form a circle)
Nek Lang: Who do you think will garuk Nabil? (his friend in school)
Iddin : Nobody because he has no grandmother.( Note: Iddin, don't you know that Nabil has 2 wonderful grandmas ?)
Nek Lang: If I'm not around, in Kuantan, who will garuk you?
Iddin : I garuk myself.
(and Nek Lang pun cair)

Nek Ngah, Iddin (3 mths) and princess Amal (3 yrs)
Oh..... when small, rub, when big, scratch! Luv u all.


  1. Seronok betul Iddin nie...ade Nek Lang tempat manja2...

  2. Thanks for coming over, kaseh. Suka layan budak-budak tu.


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