It' raining, it's pouring

Yes it has been raining everyday in kuantan (n the east coast of course). Floods everywhere. I heard over the news that at one point along the main road from Kuantan to Segamat, km71, if not mistaken, is closed due to `jalan mendak' . Traffic has to go through the alternative route , Leban Chondong- Muadzam Shah. So stuck here, jadi mangsa banjir. Dare not drive long distance. At the time of writing,(6.45 am) it is pouring heavily out there what with the strong wind.(pic)So it's `snowing' ( and has been) out there. Beranganlah! So cold.

But this is what happened in the house. Yes, roof leakage (pic above)I would not allow Mr Handy climb up the roof top to fix it! So dangerous ma. Already called the tukang (specialist never mindlah) a Mr Ah Kok, to see to it. He came, he saw but not yet conquer. He would only repair the leakage only when there's no rain. But when? The weather is unpredictable - at times drizzles., otherwise pouring cats and dogs, then out comes the sunshine, then turns foggy. Kuasa Allah.
While waiting three pails in a row! Drip, drip. drip.
I should be grateful. Small matter. No big deal. Imagine the mangsa banjir, they have to evacuate their house to safer areas, leaving their belongings etc. Thank you Allah....
What else to do , watch the `big box' and go blogging lah. (Streamyx is very slow in such weather!)

Now, 9.15 am, hujan sudah teduh sikit but still pouring, so go snoring? He! He! He!


  1. 1) aiiyooooh ... so gelap one.

    2) Like the videos - joget pahang

  2. Yes, so gelap and cold, like winter ahem! Rain never stop.
    I know you'll like the video- happy-happy.


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