Free makan

Went out for lunch with Faridah Kazi Mohd, a very good friend of mine. Another very dedicated and commited teacher and loved the school sooo......... much (all girls school) that she stayed there for solid 31 years till her retirement, declining transfer and promotion. Everywhere she goes, her former students will recognize her and.....there will be hugging, shrieking and giggling(oh drama!)Though retired, Faridah is now (handpicked) as principal of ........please refer to the picture. She's now showing her potential as a leader and administrator which she once refused. She's doing so well that the board won't let her go. Look at her smile. So happy busy, busy working Faridah!
As bandar Kuantan was very, yes very crowded that hour, we decided to have lunch at one of the 2 star hotels nearby her school. We had nasi goreng kampung (semua ada, termasuk cholesterol). And who came and served us? No other than one former Afzan girl. She said dia mimpi cikgu Faridah malam tadi and her mimpi came true. See, how Faridah is the unforgetable. Unexpectedly, Norfarhana ( class of 2004) belanja us lunch! Free makanlah. How sweet and kind of you, Norfarhanah.
Me:That means another outinglah, Faridah .
FK: What about P**z*H*t?
Me: When?

Free makanlah cikgu!

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