Cute little corners

Both of them (hubby n wife) share the same interest: love to decorate their cozy house with cute ornaments , practical and attractive. Do you have the patient, time and supportive (little) kids? Then, check this out - cute little corners (n garden)

THANK YOU , Faridah, dear, for sharing with us.

(Pn.Faridah binti Hamzah was a former teacher (happy, dedicated, commited one) in
SMK Tengku Afzan, Kuantan)


  1. Must rajin lap punya or else stay in air-con rooms.

  2. This teacher is very hardworking.

  3. eh alang, you are in pahang ker?

  4. Thanks for visiting, Azizi, Alang dah lama di sini, since end of last month. Raya Haji pun di sini, InsyaAllah. Hujan sokmo!


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