So kelakar

Hari ini selesema. JY gi market. Switched to TV Ch711, and this programme was on...I like this children's show

what with Aznil as the host,and his studio audience, enjoying themselveswatching Uncle Aznil borak-borak with some lucky kids.
His guest artist today was Zahid (Angah's fav. last week was Dafi ,Missy's fav).
Zahid sang and danced Che Mek Molek with the children.
Look at Aznil and the so happy children!

I enjoyed myself so much watching Aznil interacting with the kids. So natural, not scripted, spontaneous. The kids (lucky, invited ones) were not shy at all and they were so bijak, talented and cute. Pandai Uncle Aznil layan budak-budak tu. I laughed (quietly, of course) to myself at their answers and reactions to Aznil sometimes loyar buruk questions and requests. As a host Aznil is so versatile, changing his style of delivery to suit his audience/guests, either with the seniors (pak ciks and mak ciks), the youngsters (adik, abang, kakak), and of course the kids (anak-anakku). He is so kelakar., lucu 'bangat'. Actually our late bapak and emak knew Aznil's parents and some of his older siblings. Minangkabau katakan. His father was from Muara Labuh, Sumatra. (betul ke, PHLP?) same kampung as our late bapak. If I'm not mistaken he was known as Ustaz Nawi because he used to teach mengaji. His mother, known as Kak Nubai ,among her peers. They stayed at Kampung Dato' Keramat, KL Well, Aznil Hj.Nawawi,we know you but you don't know us. Biasalah, selebreti katakan. Pernah you laungkan semasa satu konsert AF 'Hidup Minangkabau!' And we were so thrilled!!!So Aznil/Pak Nil/Abang Aznil/Uncle Aznil/ Prof Klon, whatever they call you and wherever you are, you are great. We wish you All the Best, May Allah bless you and make you HAPPY as much as you have made us(me) HAPPY!


  1. Dear Sekilau 1,
    Wah ... promo Pak Aznil nampak! Yes, correct, his parents come from Muara Labuh too.

  2. Thanks, just to thank pak nil.

  3. Thanks 4 dis write up! i m honoured. Yes, my dad hails from Muara Labuh and my mum was from Bukit Tinggi (I think) Tapi tak pernah dapat balik kampuang walaupun ada lagi mamak2 disitan! Urang awak iyo santiang! Lai mangarati? I m very proud of my roots n dats why for the first time i screamed out loud 'HIDUP MINANGKABAU!!!' over Konsert AF3. All urang minang, ambo amek banggo jo keturunan ambo!!!!


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