Tutup lampu weh!

Vimmyasmin reminded me (maybe to other friends too) that night. Thanks Vimmy. I did support the call but not for an hour, no, no. I had the lights at the so called porch turned off (so the house compund was dark), the lights at 'rumah atas' too, so were the lights in the hall and in the bedrooms. But we had the fan, the air cond (in the bed room) on, because through experience when there were blackouts, it would be hot, stuffy and of course the mosquitoes! Only the kitchen light was on. So was the TV 'cause 'kalau kita boleh tengok wayang dalam gelap, kenapa kita tak boleh tonton TV dalam gelap juga' so said host Che Mah (on her promotion to watch AF7 Concert that night). And we did not want to miss THE concert (though my sis dozed off halfway) So no 100% support. During that few moments, the idea of what if somebody, uninvited guests, come sneeking, prowling at the compund, you know stories of how people take advantage of the dark. So it was the feeling of 'takut, seram, cemas'. We had the lights on again,.....but we did support Earth Hour, in a way!!!

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