Besday Boy

Special birthday cake for a special birthday boy..his choice

17 NOV 2008 will be Iddin's 6th besday (what? Baru 6 tahun?). Since his besday falls during the school hols, the CAKE was sent 2 days earlier (Friday) to the school to be shared with his friends. I was there, in his school.
I agak class mesti bising, noisy with excitement but no...the class was quiet. Wonder why? Oh,,,the maths teacher was teaching...The class was obedient (no playing) doing work as teacher guided them. Iddin too was busy with his work (image above).They must be 'scared' of the teacher, I guess, a senior one....If in a normal school, you would not see this situation and just imagine...this is the last day if school!!!One teacher called some of Iddin's friends (the juniors ) to sing THE besday song "Happy Birthday to you" "Selamat hari jadi" and a Chinese version. That was it...back to work.. Mummy brought another cake for Miss Loges whose birthday falls on the 16th Nov. She was caught by surprise. Why Ms Loges? Only the family knows!!!
Miss Loges helping Iddin while the excited children watched..

Happy 6th birthday Iddin..Happy ?????? birthday Ms Loges....
Last evening,
Iddin: Nek Lang I think I don't want to go to standard one. I'm scared..
Me : Eh, you have Abang Adam to help and jaga you.

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