Ini Ani (sorry, I know her by that name). Pelajar Afzan satu masa dulu. I've known her since the '90s, where? At H*****a Salon. She had just left school and worked as an assistant at the beauty shop,doing odd job. Slowly her 'boss' gave her the trust....through observation.....and having the guts...she started as the shampoo girl...then through 'in-house'training, she was brave enough to handle the trimming part (trim rambut lah), hair styling. Then, the boss , who was always not around (being boss), gave Ani to handle the facial, massaging, and other things related, pedicure? manicure? You name it, she can handle it. Semua boleh. Her clients were happy with the results. Ani was and still is a diligent worker, pandai ambil hati, ...pandang jauh...nak buka salon sendiri. She saved some of her income.

About 2 years ago her dream came true...she left H*****a and became her own boss,Nury Faza Salon at her place, Bukit Goh (BG) about 13 km from Kuantan. Ada Spa pula tu..Dah lawan towkay tau! Just the basic, cukuplah as a starter. Tak lah macam Spa and Beauty Salon yang canggih-canggih tu.Wah! Senang orang-orang BG nak cantik-cantik dan manja-manjakan diri. Even her regular clients travel from Kuantan to Nury Faza Salon just to have that Ani's touch..And with her own saving, Ani was able to get her own house..."Sekarang ni kena jimat belanja betul-betul, kak"
Minat, mahu belajar, rajin, berani, berwawasan...semuanya membantu Ani, just an SPM holder. Semoga Ani terus berjaya.....


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