What's for lunch?

Can you see the kepala ikan?

Dear readers,

What's for lunch, Tati? (the great cook in the house)

Soup sayur, sambal tumis ikan bilis with asam belimbing buluh and if you like gulai lemak ikan jenahak with mangga (diperhangatkan lagi).

Ok with me, sedaplah tu...Thanks Tati.

And lunch, kenduri style, sit on the floor,in front of TV.

But why, nek lang, you said cannot sit in front of TV during makan time!!

Today, special...

PS: Anymore cool air asam boi left? Sweet, sweet sour gitu...
Question is: why the rasa asam-asam these few days... belimbinglah, manggalah. asam boi lah

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