Childhood games

Main masak-masak, childhood memory

Dear readers,
Iddin is 'busy' with his You Tube ( Nek Lang, How you spell......?) and Channel Ceria, Princess with her online Barbie Game (famous word in her 'dictionary' will be 'kejap, wait' when asked to stop) and Missy her online music and TV melodrama (dah buat revision?). Now, the latest, they are in blogging. So most of the time they spend their free time watching TV(satellite channels) and computer! But when I was little, we had no TV, no computer, no handphone, no SMS and whatever tech gadgets we have today. We only had the radio ( I remember ERRESS). Oh yes, I attended tuition classes for subjects I was weak in. Co-curricular activities were not important that time. I had plenty of time. So what did I do most of the time with my friends and my sisters? (Of course we did reading and finished our homework). We played games as all children do. We played batu sembang (batu seremban?) using 5 small stones (batu kerikil yang orang buat jalan tu) or hard pebbles. We played cockle shells with bola tennis (game like batu seremban) we played congkak using cowrie shells (now you use marbels). We played main pondok-pondok or masak-masak using plastic toy cooking utensils mother bought or old crockery, and 'cooked' picked leaves, pebbles, biji saga, flowers. I remember I had a set of mini 'china' or porcelain cups and saucers with teapot. We pretended we had tea and brought our rag dolls along. We played 'pengantin-pengantin' (that time no teasing or ejek-ejek boyfriend girlfriend, so innocent) complete with the procession or 'mengarak pengantin' and berhinai ceremony. We played 'hantu galah'(or galah panjang) that covered a wide area and if played in school, it would occupy the whole school hall. We played 'konda-kondi' ( hitting a 'short'stick with a longer one and catching it again), teng-teng (hop scotch), rounders, main sembunyi (hide and seek), we played 'feather cock' ( remember this was banned in convent school, not girls games so said Sr St Rita), main teka siapa buang hankerchief (Guess who?) and not forgetting the sing-along game such as enjit-enjit semut (ant bite pinches), pong-pong along(grasped hand on top of each other) sapu-sapu rengit, pak-pak lang(follow the leader) pukul berapa datuk harimau, nenek-nenek .Those are the games I can remember, games I played when I was little, yes so many,many , many years ago. Oh.... those were the friends. Sigh!

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