The food evaluators

Hi there, readers. Last night we had dinner at the latest food outlet near our house, very near, just around the corner. In fact, there are now about 11 food outlet just along this road. So readers, no problem of getting food if you are too lazy(or for some other reasons) to cook. But for your information, we seldom cater these places. Don't know why. But we wanted to try this new outlet, the latest addition for food lovers. It has about 12 stalls or so selling all kinds of food from roti canai to ikan bakar. And we couldn't make our choice. Never mind, let's try the normal ones we used to take and see how it tastes like. We can come again for the others. Yes, 'we' being the unrecognised food taster, commentator, consultant and evaluator. ha, ha! (Penilai/pengkritik yang tidak diiktiraf) More benchmarking!

Here are the' penilai' . Macam mana?
H2H had nasi goreng cili padi, her favourite and teh tarik.
Nampak macam best aje. Boleh lah....nak try?

Missy had Mee Goreng Ayam, her first choice.
Comment:But too oily lah and I don't like bila ada mee
yang entangled (melekat) macam ni.

I tried Mee Goreng Basah. Alamak, banyak nya,cannot finish!
Comment: banyak telur, som e sotong and only one miserable prawn. Take care!

Mr Sor ordered Yong Taufu.
Comment: Yong Taufu at that (famous one in Melaka) stall tastes better

Just like Daddy-O! Superheromrselamba's version
of YTF. He likes soup.

No western food, so roti canai ok for me.
Princess Amal focussing on her roti canai. This time only one piece.
And Milo Ice....Notice my new watch?

Bibik likes nasi. So nasi putih with ayam masak merah and
ulam timun. Banyak deh, tidak habis saya! (Selalunya habis!)

So that's it readers. Maybe this is just the beginning, new excitement. Overall, just okay lah. Price? Don't know. Mr Sor, the cashier, paid as the food came along, one by one. Price ok or not, Mr Sor? Anyway, must try the masak asam pedas. JY likes masak asam. When he comes down later, will bring him here to taste the masak asam. He is a great food evaluator you know. He'll always say'Tak sedap macam kat......." " The soto at ..... is better" "Banyak A**n*m**o""Dah cuba nasi lemak bungkus kat Za***?". So my reply to his question "Nak makan kat mana?",will always be" Your choice, saya ikut aje."

So, readers, you can count on us if you want to know what and where to eat if you are in town, (Melaka/Kuantan) okay?

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