Dear readers,
Remember my posting on nasi lemak bungkus? Soorrry readers, ya ampun, the nasi lemak that Mr Sor brought home was from air tangan M-I-L Faizah, one of h2h's staff, not from Kg Morten. A thousand apology, Faizah, I didn't know that. I just take for granted. Please tell your M-I-L, nasi lomaknyo sodap. The Kpg Morten ones also sedappp.
Today there's a new eating stall just opened. Their first business day. And it's just next to our house. Our 'back door' (any expression?) neighbour runs the stall.They have breakfast and at night they'll be serving Tom yam and dishes related to you-know-what lah. I can hear them frying mee (tentu mee goreng bodoh), talking, washing plates, cups etc. To go or not to go? That's the question. Kita dengar apa kata the 'food evaluators'

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