The Queen

Dear readers,
I followed h2h to the (or her?)furniture shop owned by Mr Double (Trouble )a.k.a Lester. As I was 'cuci-cuci mata' , something caught my eyes. I was looking for one all this while but I was then 'to buy or not to buy'. Postpone lah, next time. Now this Queen was on sale. Half price. Good offer!And when asked "Tak boleh kurang lagi kah?" Mr Double was kind enough to reduce the price. Thanks to the 'patron' too. (you know who lah) I sat on it. Comfy enough! Terus jadi. Couldn't resist the offer. No more postponing. So, this afternoon, they delivered the Queen. The old Queen was transported to Nowhere Land. Poor thing! She had been the Queen for more than twenty years. Queen for my sis, me, been the jumping ground for the 'buzy, buzy active kids' (Iddin and Amal). Her 'bones' are beginning to loosen. Her body, flabby and some parts soft. So it's time for the new Queen to reign in Slumberland. Now, I can sleep in peace (in piece) on the firm, comfy body of the new Queen. Iddin, please ah, no jumping on my Queen!!.

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