Happy Besstday to me

Dear readers.
Date: 27 May 2008.
Received SMS from cousin Aisah in KL:Welcome to the sixties. Happy birthday to you.
Me sms'd : Tq. But I'm always 30 lah.
Replied: U memang awet muda!
Me: Tq, tq

Now at the tele shop.
Me: Evon,(the sales person) semalam saya 60 tahun.
Evon: Tak percayalah,, nampak 35 saje.

Yes, it was my besstday. Special but quietly celebrated, Thanks, syukur ke hadrat Allah atas segala nya. This was what the cucus gave me. Greetings written on the back of angpow envelope.

Ms H2H and Mr Sor gave me a beautiful green material, 'kasa rubia' siap with 'lining'. They got it from Jakell or Astana Moda. Now having sales. But this material special, 'bukan sales punya nek lang'. Thanks a lot, I think they must have seen me wearing the same baju every time. So high time to change. You see, readers, eversince I retired, I have been wearing the baju I used to wear when I was working. Reason, they are still good and can still fit. But, design maybe to be considered.Hee, hee,heee. And what is a besssstday without a cake, Black Forest cake, my favourite. Thank you, thank you.

And the best birthday present was my sis safe journey home to Bukit China. Yes she brought presents for me too: a maxis size s but still has to be altered, a lovely, warm shawl and a bottle of honey. Last nite we had a family tomyam dinner at Teluk mas. And another cake from same name a.k.a Leka or Mak chu.Nice food, nice people, nice company. And ada diskaun lagi.
Finally, from my nephew, Azlan:Salam Alang. Happy Birthday, Semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki. Semoga diberkati Allah selalu.
From JY : Cuma doa sahaja. Itu yang penting.

Thank you everybody!!!!Happy Bessstday to me!!!


  1. Salam. Tadi saya dah komen...apasal hilang pulak ye?...

    Selamat Hari Jadi yg ke 60! Insyaallah saya juga akan menyambutnya...(7 tahun lagi) semoga Allah panjangkan usia kita!

  2. Dear auntieyan, Komen anda pada posting sebelumnya. Cuba lihat semula.Apa-apa pun terima kasih diucapkan. Salam perkenalan, ya.


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