My late emak's treasure

Dear readers,
This cabinet, in our so called dining hall, treasures our late emak's collection. Do you see the teapots?
So, glance your eyes through the pictures of treasured teapots, perhaps same flower design but of different shape.

stout and steady

nice triangular shape

notice my cover or lid

here's my handle

look at my spout

oo la la
and a collection of plates
Emak bought these at KJ (Kampung Jawa lah) at a particular shop . Some called this 'made in china' as ' pinggan batu'. And she bought these in the dozens 'senang kenduri nanti'. By the way, the designed purple flowers is called 'bunga kangkung'. The other one perhaps inspired by 'maple leaves'.Today, these plates and teapots are considered antique. We dare not use them in know what! Love you mak!!!


  1. Alamak Alang, those koleksi ...bestnyer.. i only got the tea pot bunga kangkung itu pun jauh belinya...sampai ke Baling Kedah tau!

  2. Oh, my late mother greatest treasure. Dulu,alang selalu ikut arwah emak ke KJ beli benda-benda ni, rupanya sekarang ada rupa ada harga nyah.


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