Mee Goreng Sabariah

Dear readers.
What? Apa? (must sound like M Rajoli in his 'Lasenda cafe' advert)Mee goreng Sabariah a.k.a Mee goreng bodoh? I went to support the newly opened next door eating stall. This morning they had 'Mee Goreng Sabariah or known as mee goreng bodoh in Melaka. Sabariah is the name of the lady who used to cook this famous breakfast dish. Why 'bodoh'?The stress is not in 'Mee Goreng, bodoh!" But the name of the dish. Simple dish indeed!!!Like Simple Simon!!!Just fry some pounded red chili or if you like get the special chili sauce (get it from the kedai runcit). When it is cooked, put in the mee basah or yellow mee, mix and stir well and finally add in the taugeh. Why taugeh last? To get the 'kruup. kruup' sound. No prawns, ikan bilis added. No eggs either. Then the supposed to be Sabariah (or the cook) will ask you 'Nak kicap dan cuka tak?"
This is the K I C K. Agree, if you like the sour and saltish/manis taste. Optional.Reason to ask, some don't take vinegar/cuka/kicap. If you want extras like sambal pedas or fried egg just ask and you'll be served. Taste memang best punya. As far as I know no other places in Malaysia sell this Mee Goreng Sabariah. As today is the opening day, so makan free! Free makan for customers. I ordered 2 bungkus (plates). Dah lama tak makan Mee Goreng Sabariah!
To you dear neighbour, all the best. Semoga berjaya.

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