Nasi lemak bungkus

Dear readers.
Last night we had Nasi Lemak bungkus for dinner. Mr Sor brought home about 10 bungkus for 3 adults, 1 teenanger, and 2 kids! Imagine that! Mana boleh habis dah... This nasi lemak (picture below) is special. Well known, jual di rumah, a Malay house at Kampung Morten a.k.a Kampung Baru. And sold only in the evening. Taste nice, very the lemak-lemak, served with sambal, fried ikan bilis, slice of cucumber or some kangkung, telur dadar (omelette). All these are neatly put on a piece of small square shaped banana leaf. The nasi lemak together with the 'extras' are tightly wrapped with banana leaves(daun pisang). This is to get the aroma 'rasa'. Then the whole 'thing' is wrapped again with paper. But, it would be better and hygienic if plain paper is used, not printed paper or newspaper. Remember the carbon? To cut cost? Anyway, the paper can be done with. No problem. Just have the 'nasi lemak bungkus daun pisang'. Sometimes, some nasi lemak sellers use plastic to wrap the nasi instead of banana leaves. Taste not same mar...Maybe need special banana leaves not the any ordinary ones, lor..

The nasi lemak special, (four finished already). Gave away some bungkus to h2h 's S-I-L.

What it looks like. See the triangular shaped telur dadar?

And dear readers, people in Kuantan is familiar with ZAMAN, benchmarking for famous nasi lemak bungkus. Served hot for breakfast, some more. The nasi and the sambal, together with slice of cucumber and a piece of hard boiled egg (telur rebus)! ZAMAN is so crowded in the morning that you have to wait for vacant seat. Sometimes, if you are the impatient ones, you have to go to the kitchen to get the nasi lemak bungkus yourself. That famous!! Now, where is this place? At Bt 9, Jalan Gambang.. Promosi nampaknya?

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