Anak ikan bilis

Dear readers,
These are anak ikan bilis or small, tiny frys. Only the hard working, patience ones will buy this small fish. Reason, wow, really takes your time to clean them. What can I do with these small frys?

Fry them, coated fry anak ikan bilis or ikan bilis salut tepung. In a bowl mix some wheat flour together with some rice flour and corn flour with enough water (already salted) to make batter. Put in some chili boh (grounded chili) and slices of turmeric leaf (to get the flavour). Then in you go fish! See that they are well coated. Then deep fry the fish. You can pair them. What I mean is, put two fish together or in threes, etc. Fry until crispy and brownish. Taste nice if you dip it in chili sauce.

I had nasi lemak (bought next door) with the just fried ikan for lunch. Ummph, sedap....
By the way, you can make masak asam rebus with these frys or make otak-otak or pais. Some say that these frys adalah makanan orang susah or poor man's food. They are also used as baits for fishing. Eating them is also troublesome because you have to be careful with the main, tiny weeny bones. If you are not careful, you might choke! So hati-hati yah....My sis likes this fried anak ikan.


  1. hai auntie... sedapnye makan. join boleh? thanx ye sebab sudi baca dan bagi komen. gurubesar ni special sikit. tapi mak kata jgn layan. biarkan je die. tapi kekadang tu stress la jugak. nanti la saya cerita pasal die di post akan dtg. tq

  2. Hello Pat, Boleh boleh saja. Auntie sukalah cerita pasal sekolah-sekolah ni. Betul kata mak tu.. Tapi Pat harus hati-hati ye.


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