Salam semua.
Talking about creativity, 'out of the box', okey. Look at our friend here,

with some clothe pegs, and sturdy, small fingers....(excuse, the dirty feet)

fixing the pegs to each other, turning them into colourful 'jet pejuang'. "No lah Nek Lang, motosikal ada power." Later, his 'bikes' will have a 'fight' with mine, complete with sound effect.

The pegs (actually a single peg) can be an alternative to a ball too. He and his 'friend', Nek Lang, will be competing, kicking the miserable little peg into the so called 'goal'. Of course, he'll score the most goal. Hey, can make pistol too!

Hai, habislah pengepit baju Nek Ngah!


  1. de sky has no limit.
    good job iddin

  2. Lan,
    Macam-macam dia buat dengan sepit baju tu.

  3. jangan hilang sudah. mengamuk angah nnt


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