Baiknya hati

Hello, this is my third posting for the day. Nak share juga. Tadi di car park ECMall, the area to the back of the building, I found a problem to reverse and move my car out from the parking lot. The area is narrow lane and if there is no car parked behind those in the parking lot, reversing will be a breeze. But some mamat or chu kang or whoever simply make life difficult for others especially me lah, the helpless one. I had to reverse, move forward and stopped to let cars behind passed by. Macam mana nak keluar ni? Kereta sebelah kanan dan kiri dekat pula tu. Takut ter'bang' pula. Belakang pula kereta dekat. Macam mana ni? Help Allah. I punya berdoa and berdoa (thanks Angah for the doa, it really works, dapat parking lot to pun baca doa tu lah)). A sweet young lady with mother and siblings (Malay family)had just parked her car two lots away from mine. They were about to to go to the building when they noticed "Oh a makcik needs help'. They stopped and the sweet young lady(with a sweet smile) directed me to ' gostan, depan, gostan, depan' and finally.....thumbs up for the family. I was so happy, God has answered my doa. Alhamdullillah. To the kind hearted family, Allah sahaja yang balas budi baik puan sekeluarga. Ameen.

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