Dah past midnight. But my eyes are still wide awake! I shouldn't have taken the teh tarik. And I had been blog hopping all these hours, since 10 pm. Kesihannya aku...(self pity, uggh)
Another kesihan is for JY. This morning he had to solve this 'creative' problem. Yes, you have to have a creative mind to solve problems, out of the box, sometimes. One of the mini little screws that attached the rim of his glasses was missing and of course giving way to the lens. So what he did, temporary, was tied the rims with a black thread (tak boleh notice punya) Tak kesihan tu? Since it's CNY, his favourite kedai cermin mata was closed. There are a few kedai cermin mata Melayu. So we drove to one of them . One lady took care of the rim problem. And glasses fixed, ready.

JY : Berapa towkay?
Lady Boss: Emmm RM2.00

Dalam kereta
JY : Kalau kat kedai (so and so) aje. Ini sampai RM2.00
Me : Business sekarang kuranglah, bang. Even a small service kena charge.

What? 12.40 pm!!! Must go to bed now!!!


  1. 1) Lady boss tu tak tahu pahala bersedekah - RM 2.00 only after all. Hmmmm . . .

    2) Don't work the otak after 10 p.m. like blog-hopping. I know doa kalau tak boleh tidur. Gerenti kejap je lelap, insyaAllah.

  2. Thanks nek ngah. Blog hopping not perah otak just relax reading. Wait you share the doa ya. Anyway, patutlah tidur nyenyak sampai lewat kena kejutkan (sometimeslah)


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