Before n After

Beautiful cake secretly ordered from a sweet friend by a loving husband for his ever so cheerful wife on her birthday. But alas, this beautiful cake is for your eyes only, 'life' is short and in no time...

The taste of the cake is in the eating, so they say. Sorry beautiful, we have to 'dismantle' you. Here we go friends....

And the aftermath of the beautiful cake, after all the hard work (sigh) but yummy, yummy,
thumbs-up for the sweet friend, your cake is simply 'uummmppphhh!!!!!"


  1. Thanks so so so much for the before and after comments. Very sweet of you. The cake was done in such haste that I was worried it would not stay upright throughout the journey.

    It was nice to meet you the other day, though brief. Hope to chance upon you day.

  2. Salam Cikgu.
    Cantiknya kek! Alas macam kena banjir besar musim tengkujuh akhirnya! Dah takde rupa! hahaha

  3. Wiz,
    Nice to meet you too, wiz. Well, we handled the cake with love and care all the way to Sg Congkak. Everybody was impressed with your work. The cake itself was sweet, as sweet as you.

  4. Dear Datin,
    Betul tu Datin, rupa tiada...manis dan sedap ada!


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