Worry not

Adam (left) with Iddin
One evening, in Iddin's room,
Me : Which school do you go to, Adam?
Adam : SFI (St Francis Instituion)
Me: Ah, Iddin, you have a friend there! (Iddin will be in Year One in the same school next year)
Iddin : ( grinning away, felt safe, I think. )
Me: What year are you, Adam?
Adam : Year 2 (that means, Year 3 the coming year)
Me: Adam, will you take care of Iddin when he goes to your school next year?
Adam : Abang akan jaga Iddin!
Iddin: AH, jaga Iddin daripada pembuli-pembuli....
Adam: Dulu , Adam ada lawan budak-budak darjah 6.
Me: Why, you cannot fight , you know..
Adam: Dia orang nak kacau kita orang budak-budak kecil!
Me: Adam, do you have tae kwando in your school? (Iddin has been pestering to join tae kwando)
Adam: Ada, but when we are in Year 3 then, we can join .
Me : See Iddin, they have tae kwando too, so you don't need to change school. Only when you are in year 3 then you can join the club. Adam is there to jaga you. So Adam, nanti Adam jaga Iddin ye.
Adam: (Nod)Cakap pada abang kalau ada budak-budak kacau Iddin....
Iddin : (Selamat!!!)

Adam is Cikgu Zarina's and En Azmi 's son. Zarina. sweet- young teacher, is teaching at SRK Convent IJ 1. Her family is closed to MsHart's. Iddin so much wants to be in the same school as his present school friend and cousins are attending. So Iddin worry not, you have a friend...big brother, in SFI. SFI sekolah daddy dulu tau.

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