cincalok,peria latak, ayam goreng daun kari, sambal belacan binjai

gulai keladi, masak asam tetel, keli goreng lada, jantung pisang kukus

my sis (front) with the 'tamboh' and Kak Timah, 'kompang'

some of the 'girls' enjoying themselves

Masih lagi suasana Hari Raya. Saya sambut fasa ke dua raya pada Jumaat yang lalu.Just finished my puasa enam you see. My sis and her friend Kak Fatimah Abu had a joined venture open house that day, held at the latter's house. Kak Timah or Mak Bik or Mak or Cikgu, is a great cook too. She served her guests (their friends ) with masakan kampung as seen in the pictures, like masak asam tetel(daging yang ada lemak sikit tu), gulai lemak keladi, ayam goreng daun kari, ikan keli goreng lada, steam jantung pisang, peria katak and appetizer like cincalok, sambal belacan binjai, kerang rebus. For dessert, we had bubur pulut hitam and air mata kucing. Oh ya, ada kuih lopis, karipap, pudding caramel and sandwich cake. Never mind if the white rice is a bit soft, we enjoyed the lunch. At the same time, the friends who came had a hadrah practice session for a special performance at a wedding the next day (Saturday). A group of them, including my sis and kak Timah, beat the 'tamboh' and the 'kompang' and some, the tamborine and maracas, while the rest sang songs suitable for the occasion. Before this, the hadrah group had been going round (by invitation only) to member's open house. They made the gathering a happy one, belting out Hari Raya (nostalgic ones, like Ahmad Jais and Saloma's evergreen ) Nasyid songs. In return, the host would donate some 'ang pow' for the Society's Fund. (Muslim Women Welfare Society Melaka District...or known as LKPI Melaka Tengah. Saturday and the coming days (until the end of Syawal), more invitation, more singing and more food to eat.....have fun 'young' ladies and watch your diet, okey....

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