One- stop centre

Where do you keep your things? The small. small things but important to you..Lain orang lain cara.. ada yang kemas, very neat..ada yang pakai campak je..haru biru bila sampai masa nak guna,tercari, cari.

This are one -stop centres in rumah BC.
What: Wooden letter compartment with key holders
Where: Behind the door to the kitchen and hall (bahagian rumah dapur)
Items : Car keys, House keys, lanyard (tali) for name cards, calender, 'flowers' in slot for letters.
Whose: members in rumah BC
Comments: Good usage..Sometimes not used properly, campak je car keys, then asked ..'eh..where did i put car keys ah?' Same thing with the name card lanyard...

What: a cute rattan basket , a wooden 'bowl' (souvenierfrom Chiang Mai) placed in a porcelain bowl
Where: In yours truly room
Whose : Yours truly (some trinkets, Amal's)
Items: In clips, cloth pegs(to hold the curtain), 'Vicks' vapourup, car spare key, 2 AA battery. In wooden 'bowl'...pins (broochers) bracelets, rings, ear rings..
Comments: Gali-gali..pilih-pilih...senang ba itu but use the same pins every time lah...basket looks cute with hair clips decorations.
One more item, I have a rattan picnic basket...not used for its purpose, but yours truly store in pocket size tissue papers, cotton wool, coin purses (gifts from friends or bought as souveniers), goody gift bags (nice ones), ..acts like to 'store' things
Okey, that's it, my one-stop's how you organize things...bye, bye...Amal wants to use the computer...'Nek Lang dah ke?'...beralah lah kita.

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