Long neck

Dear readers, I read about them, saw documentaries and pictures about them and I saw them in reality once upon a time, one day, during the week in Thailand. Much has been said why the brass coil around the ladies' necks: to protect them from evil spirits, to protect from tigers eating them, as a sign of great beauty, to attract a better husband, tradition, culture and so forth. But one thing I learned that it was for tourism, an attraction for tourists. Why not? Well, we had to pass winding mountain road to this special hill tribe village. Upon reaching there, we walked passing two rows of wooden huts, each with a long neck lady or girl selling souvenir and local craf. Some of them as young as six years old sitting prettily waiting for pictures to be taken. Some of the not-so--young were weaving or tending to their kids. Of course tourists were attracted to the sweet-young ones. And they were sitting there quitely while tourists looked, smiled at them, talked with them in sign language.They obliged to take pictures with the tourists. Normally, they were given some money as token or the tourists bought something from them.. Surely, the sweet ones received the most lah. Kesihan mereka, jadi bahan pameran, atau macam......I bought some craftwork from them, donation, because this is their only income.
They are not the long neck ladies. Zaitun and Farah posing with the head gears of the hill tribe.

Picture above shows one of my friends with the most popular long neck ladies.


  1. Assalamu'alaikum Kak Lang

    You have very fortunate and manage to visit the tribe with copper coil around their neck. I have visited Chiangmai in 2001, but didnt have opportunity to visit them even tourist guide said it was possible. Visit to Chiangmai really pleasant as the weather also good and fair. But until today what still in mind was when a group of children in traditional costume singing to be photograph "take photo, ten thousands baht, take photo, ten thousnads baht.........." at Golden Triangle area. The other I really like mee kuning kari...and have it everday....and one day I eaten mee soup in one of the muslim community village when travelling from Bangkok to Chiangmai

    Enjoy your memorable visit

  2. Salam Alang,

    Bestnya dapat tengok tempat orang. Saya pernah jugak sampai Chengmai, tapi tak visit banyak tempat pun sebab per secara rasmi (kerana tugas)

    Nanti bila saya pencen insyaallah panjang umur murah rezeki boleh le sekali-sekali pergimelancong.

  3. Alang,
    It is better for them to be doing that than to be used as prostitute to earn money for their family. Some parents over there think nothing of abusing their children to make a living.
    Anyway are their neck any longer than normal if they were to remove the coil?

  4. Muhammad, Agree. Chiangmai is a nice place to visit. I tasted pulut with manggo. Ada ooomph!!

    Auntieyan, Jom gi cuti-cuti di Chiangmai second round!

    Zawi, Not all ladies I saw at the village wear the brass coil around their neck. It seems the coil push down the collar bone.So their neck looks normal.


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