So happy together

Dear readers,
Iddin and his Tok Lang are very closed.
So happy together, play time..before school...the datuk (Tok Lang) and the cucu.
Datuk: I surrender, don't shoot me.
Cucu : Then, I MUST follow you to Kuantan.

Tired of playing...... Datuk and cucu, time to doze off....."sleep first, then tomorrow you can follow me to Kuantan."
Me: Iddin, do you love me?
Cucu: Love.
Me: How much?
Cucu : One hundred!!
Me: Do you love Tok Lang and how much?
Cucu: Love.... One million?
Me: Why so much?
Cucu: Because you so small and Tok Lang, so big!!
Me : ????? Iddin, Iddin...

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