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Dear readers, Another interesting place visited in Thailand was the stunning Mae Fah Laung Garden at Doi Tung, in the province of Chiang Rai. It is a beautiful landscapped garden built on the hill slopes just below the Royal Villa (now turned into a museum) where the Queen Mother(of Thailand) used to stay. The fascinating and beautiful garden features decorative and flowering plants, a Rock Garden, Water Garden, Palm Garden, Craft and Antique Garden, Ornamental Plant Garden. Each part has its own theme. We were all in 'ooohs' here and 'aaahs' there admiring the beautiful plants, flowers and creative landscape. It was such a nice place to visit, to explore and to take pictures too. The garden, spread almost 4 hectares of land, is well kept, clean and tidy. There were so much to see and appreciate. We didn't have the time really to explore all angles but kept admiring the beautiful flowers. But a pat on the back for the workers! Job well done.The flowers bloom all year round making the Garden one of the brightest and most colourful site in Thailand. Just, just for reflection, we have nice flower gardens in our place too but I hope and do hope, they will be well looked after. Not "hangat-hangat tahi ayam sahaje, weh..." I know of a garden in my place, supposed to be 'a taman di Raja' , a 'taman bunga' , across the 'Istana Raja'. Nice place to jog and brisk walk. I wonder "how does our garden grow?"

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