The mad rush!

Dear readers, Just came back from my a week break visiting Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok with the golden girls.Rombongan Cik Kiah, gitu....Very tiring but interesting. More of that later. What I want to comment is what I read and saw in the Sunday's newspapers yesterday. "MAD SCRAMBLE' and pictures of: smiling faces holding up cash, dissatisfied and angry faces when rebate was denied and oh my.....the mad rush at the post office' counters!!!!We are given until March 31 next year to claim the rebates., but why the rush?? Guess they have their own reasons for doing so. But why didn' t they rush to submit theirs income tax form? Yes, they did but it was the last minute rushed!!!Why didn't they rush to register as voters? Why didn't they rush to pay up their bills and assessment? But some of them will also rush to get the best seat in the in free seating low fare air plane carrier, yes even among the above 55 ( A A had risen the age to 65!). More examples of rushing incidents can be seen among some of us, don't want to mention the country, shy only lah!!!

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