To go or not?

Dear readers,

To KL, to IB,
To see THE theater
If it makes you happy,
Money doesn't matter.

Yes, all in the family plus home-going bibik will be going to KL on Friday. What else if not to watch and enjoy P.Ramlee, the Musical. We had seen the theater during its first season last year. But we don't want to miss it this time what with to see the look alike P.Ramlee performing. Read so many good, awesome things about his performance. And of course the songs, dance and music!!! Oh yeah... At first thought I decided not to watch the theater this time because cannot afford the tickets lah, and to know that those which we can afford are all SOLD OUT. So after dicussing and thinking about it, plus and minus, to go or not to, and yes, Mr Sor's birthday, hey, why not, give it a go! After all, we don't want to feel like 'hai yah, should have gone lah!! blah... blah... blah" and regret whole life. Mr Sor himself went to IB to book the tickets, don't care the pricelah. Good seating, I guess. And he was given discount, for 2 golden girls, and 3 children. Rezeki katakan. That means we have to do check and balance for our coming expenditure lah. So folks, Istana Budaya, here we come, one night only, one night only....the next day, h2h wants to bring bibik putar-putar (sight seeing) KL, ambil foto di KLCC katanya. Ya buk....


  1. Wah! bestnya. Saya berangan saja nak life partner tu tak, susah sikit...kalaulah saya masih di KL sure saya boleh ajak rakan blogger temankan.

    Selamat menonton!

  2. Ah, samalah kita. Ni all in the family kat melaka ni minat teater, tapi kena pilih-pilih, taklah gi semuanya. Lain kali pergi ye...


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