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Managed to attend one of the attractions or happenings in Melaka, that is the Pesta Masakan Warisan Melaka 2008 or Malacca Food Heritage Festival 2008. We went early, so easy parking, no large crowd, fresh food, fresh faces, smiling and willing to talk. Other than food of various comunities in Melaka there were also a showcase of food from the various states. We had fun at the festival: visiting the stalls, asking questions, tasting the kuihs, sipping the drinks offered (try lah air buah naga/dragon fruit juice), and finally settling for satay at the famous Hj Samuri (do you know that they have their own bottled drinking water?). We brought home Tauhu Bakar (Johor famous one) and Beyh Royale (sort of drink rich in aromatic spices). Here are some pictures.....

"BEYH Royale is patiently brewed using the various ricly aromatic spices that were found in abundance throughout the State of Johore,then a centre of spice cultivation in olde Malaya"
Some of the banners, colourful nd attractive

VVIP tents : grand lunch after launching, of course for Toh Puan Zurina, wife of the Governor
of Melaka and her entourage

Nyonya beaded sandals , pretty ya?
Yes, pretty slippers for pretty, dainty feet

Tie a large banner round the angsana tree

Yummee yummee laksa penang mari

Laksa from Penang (original one mar)

Recipe books for sale. The girl is promoting the latest

recipe book in town "Gemilang Warisan Masakan Melaka: Sajian Istana di Zaman Silam" Get one if you want to know the various local dishes: Malays, Baba Nyonyas, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, Chettiars

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