What a tiring week

Dear readers, These were the places we visited during our 6 days and 5 nights stay in Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and of course Bangkok. Please excuse the map, too small. I took it from a poster map outside a tour kiosk near the hotel in Chiang Mai. Since these places are in the mountains, the twenty one of us travelled in three seperate vans. Wow! What a bumpy and swirling journey, mind you up and down the mountain, through winding roads to see the so called longneck ladies, to discover the borders of Thailand with neighbouring Myanmar and Laos, The Golden Triangle, to feed the elephants at the Elephant Camp, to admire the beautiful orchids at the Orchid Farm and to respect the paper umbrella makers , to enjoy the beautiful landscape at the stunning Doi Tung Garden. Oh yes, the silk factory,the Gem Jewellery, the fruit market and the night market in the city are places worth visiting.These are in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, up north. But more to see in Bangkok, down south,with the floating market, the wax museum, shopping and more shopping.....ooooh. ....So tired that when I reached home-sweet-home, my body ached and was down with cough and sore throat. So these are starters, readers, more to come, God Willing.....Geography lessons of yesteryears came alive.....Loy,Loy kratong, sawadee ka......

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