'Laugh, cry and enjoy'

Dear readers, those are Tiara Jacquelina's famous tagline as she ends her welcoming speech before the curtain draws open for the most-talked-about and much- been-written theatre in town (or in the country?) P.Ramlee, The Musical. Yes, readers, we did laugh, we did cry and we did enjoy!!! The dazzling musical took the audience back in times from P. Ramlee's humble beginnings in Pulau Pinang to his glory days in Kuala Lumpur. I loved the stunning costumes, I was stunned by the incredible sets and props, I enjoyed the music., I marvelled at the performance, all of them, main casts, supporting and the ensembles. Yes, I did sing along (to myself, of course, silent back-up singer)) to some of P.Ramlee's popular pieces like Azizah, Istana Cinta, Engkau Laksana Bulan, Getaran Jiwa, Gelora, Saat Yang Bahagia, Hancur Badan Di Kandung Tanah....No regrets, money worth spent....After the show, together with Amal( Emilda 'Manjalara" Rosmita called her 'chubby Manjalara' when small) managed to meet the main casts personally and get their signatures. We were so thrilled when we congratulated Adlin. Congratulations to all for making us 'laughed, cried and enjoyed' that night!!

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