Whatz up?

Hello there! Whatz up? Whose legs and feet are these? What are they waiting for?
Now look at Amal's face! Look at Iddin's! What's the big grin for, Amal? Thrilling? Ticklish? And Iddin too, full of concentration, see the sparkling eyes, and wide opened mouth? Whatz up? Oh, the feet massager. Yes, I found this machine lying unused (for quite sometime) under the table. When we first had it, the children were still small and they didn't understand what's the machine for. Look, these are Amal's feet. Hee,Heee, Heee, so ticklish.....So nice... hee,he, heee...

You can guess whose feet are these. Well the super senior has to give way to the super junior. Roll it, roll it, roll it on the massager. Heee, give way NeK Lang. Heeee, gelilah!!! Do you notice his lazy toes? He tried to straighten them but still.....


  1. hi..nice to read yours..hajimashite ! (selamat berkenalan)

  2. Thanks for visitng my house. Yes, hajimashite, amy sensei (is that how you reply?)


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