Fishy Fishy

Salam everybody. Here are three famous traditional spicy snacks famous in Kuantan where the main ingredient is fish. We have it in Melaka too but a bit different.
This is pulut panggang. The pulut with spicy mashed fish filling (not so spicy as in Melaka's) is shaped elongated then wrapped with banana leaves. After which they are roasted. I don't quite like pulut panggang because of the pulut. Taking too much make you 'lemah' no enegry (betul kah)

This is pais or otak-otak ikan. Not like the one sold in melaka, otak-otak kempas??( factory made, so like 'getah' like) This is home made with bits of fish flesh coated with grated spicy coconut. Then wrapped, not actually wrapped but put in between two pieces of cut coconut leaves, then roasted. Very tasty! I remember my late mother used to make pais ikan, tiny pieces of fresh anak ikan (don't know the name) mixed with grated coconut, sliced tumeric leaves, pounded cili. Delicious. In Johor they have something like called Botok (not botox) this time fish with herbs. Taste good too.

This is called sata. Also from fish mixed with flour and grated coconut. Then moulded into a shape of a cone. Again wrapped with banana leaves and roasted. Now to roast them, five or so pieces of cone shaped sata are pierced through a metal rod and roasted. Hence you see the hole, notice it at the unwrapped sata.
That's it , folks. Bought these fish snacks for tea.

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