Salam everybody!
Do you love the Japanese drama 'Oshin'? One local TV is rerunning the show for the second time, I think for Oshin's fans that include my sis and I (and also Faridah K's mother in Penang). It is not shown in the TV Guide but if you turn to Ch 119@ noon Mon through Thurs, you won't miss it. It is dubbed in the national language so that Oshin's fans can understand better. Why I'm hooked on Oshin? I like the story. It tells the story of Oshin, a poor little girl who would someday become the owner of a big supermarket chain in Japan. Oshin's character is a very strong-will person who is determined when she set out her goal. Really it is an evergreen drama, touching, quite long but worth watching. I like the early part when she was little, especially the scene showing her determination to attend school while working as a baby sitter. And I love to watch the Japanese culture, their way of life, children and ladies in kimonos, houses and anything Japanese. I have my Oshin bag, Oshin box........
Any 'Oshin' out there?

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