Relief teacher

Salam everybody!
This morning I had to to replace my sis for the 'tai chi' session with her 'golden girls' . Just was about to go, it started to rain. To go or not? Called sifu in KL who said just go in case...yes they were waiting and few came in later. Started the class with sstttrrrecchhinnggg session. Continued with warming up, aerobic to 'Aspalela'. Hai yah!! How come ah? Already practised but forgotten the steps, that's the first round lah. Second round, okey, yes learned through mistakes and must focus next time sifu lead the session. Then, 'tai chi'. Alamak, macam mana ni? The tape already in place (set by sifu) pressed the 'play' button but the tape won't move. Maybe tape not placed correctly. Sifu has shown me how to operate the newly bought player. Actually I'm phobia at tapes, scared they'll get entangle in the spool, and this 'tai chi' tape....very valuable. So forget about it and let's 'POCO POCO'. As long as there's music and movement. So we did poco poco with me giving instruction where and how to move. Sweat it out girls!! Okey, now Zapin followed with Joget Lambak. For the first round of Joget , we followed the planned dance steps. Second round, free dance joget movement , get a partner and joget lambak. With no 'tai chi', I really sweat and hopefully the girls too. Just wondering, did they accept me as the relief teacher for that morning. Well, can I replace THE teacher when she's not around?

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