Bye nek ngah!

Salam everybody!

Yesterday was THE day she has been waiting for. After ALL the ujian, we were finally at KLIA to send her off.

Who : My sis a.k.a puterihanglipoh (blogger name)/ angah/nek ngah/Kak N/Hajjah
Destination : Amman, Jordan
Reason : To deepen and widen her knowledge and skill in the Arabic Language
Duration : One month (exactly)

So whilst she's away, the 'cucus' at BC granted permission to use her computer, to sleep on her bed, H2H can use her MYVI, and as for me.....relief teacher for the 'tai chi' session and be her "PA"

There she goes...... have a safe journey, good stay, good health......bye nek ngah, see you, yah...

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