Hello everybody! A few evenings ago, on the way to fetch Mr Selamba...

Vitara: Oh! Must go slowly now, careful me, see the others crawling too!!
(suddenly....BOK....another BOK....) Omigosh! What's that? Oh my back!!
My bumper....

Kelisa: Solly, solly, vely solly, Madam Vitara, I was dreaming lah. Saya tak tau apa
saya buat. I pressed the wrong pedal lah. Tekan minyak. I'm in the
wrong. Saya salah lah. Solly yah. ..Oh, my face, my muka, my bonnet, banyak

rosak, crooked. But you Vitara....your back, just few scratches... Vitara : Yes,thank you Allah, for making me strong and tough but the pain is there
you know, Miss Kelisa. Now you've kissed me, you pay lah.

Kelisa : Solly again. yah. Dont't worry, Vitara. My mechanic will repair your dented
back (bumper).You will be beautiful again! As for me,ummph..compound!!

Vitara : But let's smile, Kelisa, look the crowd taking our picture lah.

Kelisa : What?? Oh no!!! My face, my face!!

Vitara : Careful next time, ok! Let's tell the police about this, okay.

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