Teacher Nek Lang

Salam everybody!

Since his school is closed for the whole of this week, nek lang is his teacher. But being the teacher does not mean have full power over the cheeky student. Teacher has to follow his time table, his mood etc. It's sort like flexy time table. There's a slot for 'garuk' while asking him the times table: two, three, four, ten and eleven. There's a computer session: how to log to You Tube and watching his favourite videos Power Rangers (Nek Lang how you spell Power Rangers). He now knows how to go to You Tube by himself. (Nek Lang no need teach me. I know already). He can also turn off the computer, following the correct steps as shown by teacher Nek Lang.(Nek Lang teach me how to shut computer). Bored? Well, back to his toy cars and imaginative play. Or doing his ferry wheel, gymnast in the making? (Nek lang, play spelling.) Ok, teacher follows as long as the student wants to learn. So spelling sessions with some English words spelled in Bahasa Melayu. Some words written in how they are sounded. There's plus and minus exercises (What is Addition and Subtraction, Nek lang) from easy to do work books. There's also writing sessions (I don't like colouring). In between, there's the TV watching session, with the remote control in his hand. He can line up the programmes in Astro Ceria. So you see, no fixed time table, as long as he is occupied. Oh yes, in the afternoon, (nek lang garuk me) and teacher garuk him (must follow his ways too, where and how to) till the one and only pupil falls asleep. Tired, I supposed. Ah.....don't forget there's also the teacher-pupil 'war' when needs not met. But peace treaty quickly signed, must know how to tackle him which needs patient, great patient, plenty of it. So, the whole of this week home schooling with Iddin, my one and only student. Thank you Teacher Nek Lang, Thank You Iddin. Tomorrow another day yah.... (Nek lang, teacher said if get the flu, I have to stay another week at home) Oh YES???? Alamak!

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