Nice Kuih

Salam everybody. Do you remember how the Malay kuih (traditional kuih) were sold once upon a time? The kuih seller, usually the local boy or girl, would go round the kampung with two big baskets round their arms yelling the 'tune' KUIH....KUIH.... goreng pisang, karipap.....' depending om the kuih they were selling. We would buy our favourite kuih at 5 cents a piece! Those were the days! The kuih seller (budak jual kuih) would go to you, right at your door steps. But not today, we have to look for them. In the Central Market Melaka, there is one bubbly lady, sitting patiently at one spot )usually at a particular pillar) with her baskets of kuih calling out "KARIPAP, DONUT EH" at her top of her voice. Now, as I was brisk walking this morning, I came across this Kuih Melayu stall, for the local kampung people, of course. All sorts, 3 pieces for RM1.00!
The kuihs are put in plastic boxes. Above picture shows from left: Apam Tanjung, Pulut Panggang, Kuih Cara (green). Front row from left: Pulut Urap with ikan kering, Kuih Kasui with grated coconut, Heart shaped Kuih Lapis or Genggang (colours differ at each layer), Kuih Apam gula hangus and Apam mangkuk (to be eaten with grated coconut)

Then there's donut, karipap (with spicy curry filling) and tembosa (coconut filling)

More kuih. In the tight tied plastic bags are Roti Cicir (tepung tercicir) or Roti Jala eaten with curry.

Here's Kakak Maimunah, who owns the stalls. "Kuih-kuih ni ada orang tumpang. Saya jual nasi lemak." So she got commision lah from selling her friends kuih. What's that she's holding?

She uses this to 'shoo' away the 'uninvited flying guests'. Plastic strips tied together, her weapon. She keeps waving this like a 'pomp-pomp girl'

Me : Puan, boleh saya ambil gambar? Nak masuk dalam komputer.
Kak Munah : Habis tu dah ambik gambar nak masuk komputer?
Me : Ah ah, saya nak buat cerita, nanti satu dunia tahu cerita puan dan kuih-kuih kita.
Kak Munah : Satu dunia tengok muka saya lah
Me : Ye lah, terkenal lah nanti.
Kak Muna : (senyum malu)
Me : Boleh saya beli karipap seringgit dan tembosa seringgit. (for breakfast, ma...)

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