My sis, the seasonal baker

Salam 2 all.
First view these images....

..her collection of must try recipe..., ready for this week's try out

......' please note this is an old-fashioned mixer I bought when I studied in Australia many, many years ago'...

ready to go...... can you see the grains? from the oven...banana multi grain loaf or roti pisang berkhasiat
That's her present passion. Baking!!!!For that she has been attending Baking Class for the past Sundays this month. Oh yes!! Now she knows how to make St Mary Apple Pie, Cup Cake Pisang Elizabeth, Filo Fruit Tart,Roti Ubi Kentang...just to mention a few. Her 'teacher', Mendy said, "Can make money after joining my class." Since then, every day she has been trying out the recipe learned. And do we smell aroma of fresh baked bread in the house. But those banana multi grain loaves are not for sale but as gift for close friends, charity, kebajikan.' Baking as a hobby, business out of the question. But I hope her passion in baking is not a seasonal one like blogging (her last entry was a month ago), sewing (her baju kurung only for hari raya), craft like sewing tote bags, hanging towels (once she was really into it but, now, on hold). And SHE is no other than my kakak, the knows all...and of course she masters all!!!!! Sorry, I don't have that talent.For Raya Haji, Iddin requested Sandwich Cake, a fav in the house (my mum's secret recipe)
Me: Ngah, what are the ingredients for Banana Multi-grain Loaf (Roti Pisang berkhasiat)?
Ngah: Pisang berangan
Brown Sugar
High protein flour
Multi grain
Omega Plus egg
Fresh milk
Corn Oil
Thanks Nek Ngah, the seasonal baker (hope not!!!)


  1. Pssst,,Alang,
    resepi macam tu tak kan jadik kek pisang ny,,,bagi la sekali sukatan dia...ala kak N ni....boleh lerrr

  2. kak nora,
    betullah kata kak ezza tu.. salah sukatan nanti jadi bingka pisang pulak.. bagilah sukatan....Hmmmmmmmm

  3. Salam Ezza,
    Kata Angah...pinjam lagu Dato SN....biarlah rahsia....mmmmm

  4. Salam Hajah Rahmah,
    Syyyyyyy....rahsia katanya

  5. Salam kak Nora,

    Saya pun dah pasang angan-angan nak masuk kelas masak memasak kueh ni bila pencen nanti, at least bolehlah sibukkan diri dengan dapur. Tu baru angan-angan.
    pssst...oven pun tak de daaaaa... :-)

  6. Salam AY,
    InsyaAllah, angan-angan dulu tak salah.


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