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Perkenalkan my beautiful next door neighbour (ooooopps....) my former neighbour, Pn.Farida Hanim Hashim. 'Former' because Farida and family have moved to Putra Jaya (PJ) a few months back. Recently when she was in Kuantan during Hari Raya Haji, she dropped by the house for some 'makan-makan apa yang ada' and 'tanya-tanya khabar' and also to clear and tidy her vacant house for the coming tenant. Faridah had recently obtained her Masters from UiTM (ambitious lady she is!!)and has started teaching again at one of the IPT in Bangi. Congratulations Faridah, happiness ya, after all the hard work. Now, the next question is " What about Doctorate?"

Above are also images of her three boys. Let me remember their names. Next to her is Safuan. Then there is Hilmi (in green T) and 'big' boy Razin. Razin lahir pada tahun yang sama saya ditugaskan di SMK Tengku Afzan. Her two daughters (known to me as Kak Long and Kak Chik) were former Afzan students. All her children are doing well in their studies. So mother and children sama-sama study. Anyway, keep in touch Farida! Kirim-kirim khabar ye....

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