Aidil Adha that was

These are handouts for the jemaah Solat Raya this morning at Masjid Negeri Sultan Ahmad 1
like Takbir Al-Eid, Sembelihan- Hukum dan Hikmah, Korban:Panduan dan Hukum. Very colourful , sweet and informative..
These are from my neighbour, sedap tau! Set nasi kunyit..

Satay ayam (order khas), ketupat nona-n0na zaman sekarang, and kuah lodeh sekilau one
(not in picture)
....We had that and for my neighbour too

Yes we did go to New Zealand to enjoy the warm, sunny summer down under....but alas...mimpi aje....Kita ke Felda New Zealand about an hour drive from Kuantan. Rained all the way and in the so called NZ. Terima kasih Pak Ji Mahmud and Mak Ji kerana Nasi Dagang yang sangat sedap. Saya suka kalau nasi dagang dimakan dengan gulai ikan tongkol a.k.a ikan aye. Kuahnya mesti banyak, makan dengan acar timun....isssh...tambah sepinggan lagi....Ada lemang dengan rendang lagi...Ooooops tak bawa MrCam..
Balik dari NZ, barulah masak lodeh sekilau one....ada visitorlah...

Okey, dah petang...hujan dah berhenti...


  1. Hi Kak Nora

    nice site this is... well we left our hotel at 11 and headed to Tanjung Api for branch... then went to Teluk Cempedak ... and felt 'lovesick' with the beach... razin n the gang of course got their feet wet by the waves...then we dropped by the neighbors to leave the keys...and drove to Jerantut...of course I slept all the way...we arrived at about 3pm I think...had sup tulang and sup perut... best gak but pasir putih's tastes better...then dropped by more houses...aunties' n uncles'...shot back for putrajaya at 6pm...stopped for toilets n prayers...tup tup sampe rumah kul the whole day was a marathon... wanted to go to KLIA but just did not have the energy...thanks so much for the lovely satay n was yummy...have to make that kind of lodeh myself someday...

  2. Salam again

    I'm just admiring this memory photo...and please please tell me which one is you... you had three girls in the family? you were sitting on a table? was this taken in a chinese photo shop?... those days the cameras were huge kan?


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  4. Farida, Thanks for dropping by 'my house'. Wow,what a marathon raya you had. I'm glad you like the lontong and satay. Yes that's my small family. My younger brother not born yet. That's my mak, my kak long and my bapak (all arwah, may Allah bless their soul). I'm sitting on the left. My kak ngah next to me.Go to the link at the side bar and blog to my sis's 'house' to know more about my family. Faridah, I'm sure you have stories to share with the 'world' and cyber friends. Who knows maybe some of your friends during student days may 'bumped' into you in cyber and 'those were the days'. So you can start a blog too..the more the merrier.


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