Salam readers.
This morning spent my time editing two of my 'movies' in the making. Already 3 done, 'burned' all 3 into 1 CD. Then comes computer problem: tak cukup memory, JY kata kena upgrade because computer's memory almost full! Then problem 'burner' (not the stove burner yah). Back to 'what to cook this for today's buka puasa'? Well,
dont't need to stress yourself. In the net you can browse to lots and lots of recipes done by bloggers.. just plain simple, senang sedia punya to the susah, payah ones. Just browse and hop to the links, and if you have the time (like me), you can read stories accompanying the recipes contributed by the klnd 'chefs'. And what more, just switch on the TV, in fact all local TV stations are showing masak-masak programmes, for berbukalah, for sahurlah, until you don't know what to choose to cook. But they give you ideas and inspiration.Kena rajin je and ada request.
As for me, for berbuka this evening, I remember making the kids back home 'cucur
kodok' or 'cengkodok', the plain ones, they like minus bawang, bilis and the like. Yes, I have the lebehan sambal sardin. So today's menu 'cengkodok cicah sambal sardin'. Then we have nasi impit too plus kuah soto. Ah, ah, the kuah soto bought from the famous soto zul because kalau masak memang sambal esok lusa tak tak habis punya.

Cengkodok + sardin= sedap juga

Selamat berbuka!


  1. salam dari klang,
    cekodok dengan sambal sardin memang pasangan yang padan. Saya selalu buat masa musim hujan. Minum pulak dengan kopi o..emmmm

  2. salam cikgu
    rasa nk makan sardin plak!hehehe.
    cikgu cuba masuk sini byk resepi & gambar food cantik sangat.

  3. V, Tq. Cg suka tengok gambar-gambar masakan. Nampak sedap, boleh kenyang mata lah.


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