In the House

Pembaca-pembaca budiman,

Sedapnya berbuka puasa di BC... mana tidaknya. My anak saudara tu lah masak. I salute her. She is the chef . Coming home from work, she'll go straight to the kitchen, sengseng lengan baju, and ketuk-ketuk whatever, main campak-campak je bahan-bahan masak and ...ta da... dah jadi. Tak payah tengok resepi, main agak-agak je. I think her mind must be working hard planning what to cook for the buka puasa. She will cook lauk turun temurun arwah my mother, masakan orang Minang (like Gulai Nangka), or masakan orang Melaka (masam asam lah which took her trial and error to get the perfect melaka taste) or masakan dari ..nun.... Bali (Ayam Bali..popular yoh...) or dari Cina (Nasi Goreng Cina, ikan kukus) or masakan gerai like mee goreng mamak, laksa nyonya dan yang lain-lain yang sama waktu dengannya. She will cook what her children and Mr S request or 'order', yes, to win your yang di sayang's heart is through the stomach, righ? She will cook fabulous food for her friends and staff for special occassion like Hari Raya. Oh yes, you can see the table laden with dishes popular among her 'clients' or guests and sanak saudara. What more, Mr S is very good in setting up the table just like buffet table in hotels lah, complete setting I tell you. So the pulling factor is there, you see. How not to attract the 'hungry' ones. Buat air pun macam-macam rasa dan warna. One thing I forgot to mention, both of them are famous for their cake buah kukus (steam fruit cake). But for this Raya 'tutup kedai' (Apasal tak buat? asked one aunty). Yes, both of them make very good pair, one cooking, the other half decorating...kalau arwah mak masih ada, tentu tersenyum lebar, suka , 'pandai cucu-cucu den" . Mak, anak-anak mak ni pun pandai juga... tengok angah...popular for her desserts. My sister's area are making jelly (the cucu likes her jelly), pudding (famous caramel), biscuits and cakes (yang very basic and simple ones but popular among the kids), pergedel (sardin? daging?). We depend on her too for the ketupat mould. She can weave them very well!!Well, folks, I'm looking forward this Raya for the good food from air tangan the famous ones in the house..wonder what we will have this pagi raya?...Ketupat and rendang, lontong, ayam bali, sambal udang, caramel, kopi cop tupai...or for open house...just to mention... nasi himpit and rendang, imported roti jala and kari ayam, laksa nyonya, ayam bali (famous what), sambal udang, mee goreng mamak, fruit pudding, air seribu rasa...just you wait!!!!
Happy cooking to all.......


  1. Are you hinting what I ahould do for this Raya ah?

    Your sis. Angah

  2. I say Nek Ngah, you know your yearly Raya duty!


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