Malam 27

at last...bunga api...
lampu 7 likur

Salam Raya my dear readers, Diam tak diam malam tadi ialah malam 27 Ramadhan, orang kita kata malam 7 likur. That means Hari Raya is approaching. Ha...pada masa dulu, years ago, when I was little, bila sampai malam ni, arwah mak would dress us ( sis and me)in pretty raya dress. The style was 'skirt umbrella cut' or 'gunting payung' that when you twirled the skirt will 'open' up like the kembang. And together we played fire sparkles (bunga api) giggling happily, running as children would do. Last night was a night to be remembered by the kids at home. MrS so kindly bought 'lampu 7 likur' or 'lampu punjut' , bought some 'bunga api' too for the kids because maybe he did no want the kids to miss the fun kids of yesteryears enjoyed when malam 27 came. Thank you MrS. So our house was brightly lit with lampu 7 likur, the kids had fun playing the sparkles and the bloggers in- the -house had fun capturing the night to be remembered. Doesn't matter the price of kerosene has increased compared to just 40 sen per bottle those days. Once a while...closed one eye...and be happy.

time to change

decorative lights

Oh yes, my sis too bought some decorative lights to bring up the spirit of Hari Raya. That night too MrS helped to change the house curtain. Ah... 4 more days to raya....More plans ahead....

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