Mee Rebus

Salam ramadhan my readers,

Still 'talking' about food. I've been wanting to eat what we called in Melaka, Mee Rebus. I could'nt find Mee Rebus Melaka in Kuantan . Macam mengidam je...MrS had been on the look out for this special dish at the Pasar Ramadhan but none available. So Ms Hart suggested why not we try this Mee Rebus for berbuka.. Looks simple. Dear readers, Mee Rebus in Melaka, is Mee Kari in other states. Mind you Mee Rebus in other states is known as Mee Sup. I was confused when I was first posted in Kuantan.I ordered Mee Rebus, and they served me Mee Sup( also called Mee Celup). In Melaka, Mee Sup is Mee Sup. So what is the difference between Mee Rebus Melaka style and Mee Kari?
The gravy of course....For Mee Rebus Melaka, the gravy is sweet and spicy. It is sweet because mashed keledek plus geragau kering (dried tiny shrimps) are added to the curried gravy. But you may asked why sometimes, the gravy is watery (cair)? It's because less keledek is added, so it's you choice. I've tasted Mee Rebus Johore and Mee Rebus Singapore. They (the gravy) have the same taste, thick and sweet.
I have to go now,to Ah Meng (our friendly supplier in times of emergency) to get the keledek. Bye, Bye.

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  1. Assalamualaikum Cikgu !
    Salam AidilFitri Maaf Zahir Batin.


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