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This is a conversation to share with your dear readers.

While watching 'Sinderella" (a telemovie shown over TV3) with Amal a.k.a Princess Angel last night

Amal : Nek Lang, what's the meaning "...tak mahu kahwin sampai bila-bila.."? (words spoken
by one of the characters)
Me : That's means he won' get married forever and ever.
Amal : When I grow up, I also don't want to get married.
Me : But why?
Amal : If I get married, I will have children. Then I will have cucu. I want to be a great artist. I want to travel. (meaning, have cucu, no travel!)
Me : Then you have to look after Kak Iman's children.
Amal: No.Look at Mak Chu (Amal's aunty). She's looking after Naqib and Dek Yang (Amal'counsins), not Daddy. Kan Mummy ada. Boleh jaga cucu ( that is, mummy has to take care of the cucu then.)

(Hear that mummy!!!!)

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