OK lah tu

Dear readers,
Just came home from exploring the latest shopping mall in Kuantan with Narimah. 'OK lah tu', bright lights, shining floor, 'branded' goods, modern, good choice of items, clean rest rooms. But mana kedai jual tudung, ye lah baju-baju for our age? (you know what I mean?) No book shop? There will be, coming soon! What about pharmacy? Also, coming. More shops opening soon
. There's one I saw "Heart-to-Heart" (sounds familiar). First lunch. We decided to try laksa (Faridah Kazi said, sedap...) at the Laksa Shack, the Laksa Specialist...Ah yes, I read about it in Harian Metro.

I had Assam Laksa, with small chunks of ikan kembung( so yummeee) gravy and garnished with shreded onions, cucumber,pineapple, red chilli... quite hot, pedas...but nice, I like it.
Narimah had Laksa Johor ('the last time I had it was at Hari Guru Kebangsaan in Johor'), also sedap, delicious...
For appetizer, we ordered Rojak Buah, eeee the pineapple is so sweet, but not enough gravy!

We had syrup cincau to tone down
'Say, this cincau drink looks nice'

Then, after chit chatting, we made a 'look n see' shopping a.k.a window shopping (but where's the window?) or just 'touch n go '. Anyway, overall: Okey lah tu East Coast Mall, not bad for Kuantan. Can visit the place again.... Tomorrow, another outing with my friend, another 'eye wash' shopping (cuci mata lah)....for books, tudung and fashion designed for 'us'.


  1. The next time I balik Pekan (my MIL's place)I make sure we visit the new Mall and may be try to find out gerai jual mee calong...tak pernah try, but my husband sudah ngidam...:-)

  2. Dear auntieyan, Yes, please do. Just go the food court across the library Food Court Gambut, open by 6.00pm till late night. Look for Mee Calong Beserah. My friend has a stall there. Her Mee Calong is really special, resepi warisan. The new mall has no gerai mee calong.

  3. For more info on Mee Calong, auntieyan, go to http://sekilau1.blogspot.com/2007/11/


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